The Happier Classroom

A short course in positive education: how to implement strengths-based education into elementary/primary schools using the science of Positive Psychology.

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"Remedying weaknesses gets children to OK. It is important but not enough. It is finding children's strengths and then, crucially, giving them ample opportunities to use those strengths that will help them to flourish, and flourishing is at the core of what education is about."

- Jenny Fox Eades, Author of Celebrating Strengths

We all want our children to thrive and to be the best citizens they can be in the world. When we understand and cultivate children's character strengths, we enable them to be who they are at their very best. In other words, they flourish.

This is positive education.


- Increases engagement in learning

- Increases enjoyment at school

- Increases achievement

- Improves social skills

- Increases resilience

- Builds on self-confidence and self-esteem



In each class you will become familiar with the 24 universally valued character strengths, how best to recognise these in yourself and others, and how you can encourage and expand the identification and use of these in the classroom. You will also further expand your knowledge of the science of positive psychology to give you a broader understanding of this framework.

Each lesson includes video instruction, a quiz, and an extensive list of resources.

We will first introduce you to the 24 universally recognised character strengths, and give you a quick overview of the science that supports this framework.

Then we will unpack each of these strengths with definitions, applications, stories, examples - to help you instantly apply your learning.

By the end, you will have a better understanding of the character strengths framework, will do a free on-line survey to find out your own strengths, and will have a broader idea and understanding of how you can bring more joy to your teaching and your students' learning. Plus you’ll build on your students' resilience, self-esteem and social emotional learning.

“Character strengths are the fuel and the rudder that energize and direct our talents.”

- Dr. Neal Mayerson, Chairman and Founder of the VIA Institute on Character


The first 10 students to enroll in The Happier Classroom will receive the From Strength to Strength Program for FREE. The From Strength to Strength Program includes an entire curriculum designed for 10-12 year olds, complete with lesson plans, activities, posters of all of the strengths, a music CD, DVD, and Fiona's junior fiction novel Crackpot. To check it out in more detail, click here.


Your Instructors

Fiona Trembath and Nicole Stottlemyer
Fiona Trembath and Nicole Stottlemyer

Fiona Trembath (BA Hons, MAPP)

Fiona is founder of ‘From Strength to Strength Australia’ and a graduate of Australia’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) and is passionate about looking for ‘what's right?' rather than ‘what's wrong?' as a way toward optimum health and wellbeing. As positive psychology practitioner, Fiona has developed a comprehensive range of resources for teachers and children to encourage strength-spotting and strength-development within the classroom.

Author of the junior fiction novel, Crackpot, Fiona is also a writer, editor, teacher, presenter and a regular guest on ABC (Australia) Radio Overnights program.

Nicole Stottlemyer (BA, CiPP)

Nicole is a fun and engaging facilitator, coach and enthusiastic inventor of happiness games. Trained under Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar at the Wholebeing Institute, she uses Positive Psychology to spread happiness, improve relationships, and increase success.

She’s worked with students of all ages and diverse backgrounds, and has been featured in the Boston Globe.

Nicole’s first ebook, “Strengths Games: Fun ways to bring out the best!" is due for release later this year.


Class Curriculum



What others have said about Fiona Trembath’s From Strength to Strength program:

“Fiona Trembath’s program, ‘From Strength to Strength’, is an ideal platform from which to launch Positive Psychology and Strengths-based Learning in our schools. Implementing this program has the potential to contribute to the wellbeing and success of all teachers and students. I highly recommend it.”

- Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D., Harvard Lecturer and Author

"Fiona Trembath's Positive Psychology and Strengths-based Learning program, From Strength To Strength, integrates the highest wisdom and most recent research from the study of Resilience and Happiness. It is a program that sits comfortably into any school curriculum and will transform children, building self-esteem and capacity, through a wonderful celebration of strengths and positivity."

- Maria Sirois, Psy.D., Inspirational Speaker, Consultant, and Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

"Fiona Trembath has developed a rich toolkit of resources for helping students to explore their own character strength capacities. Drawing upon her considerable gifts as an educator, author, and songwriter, Trembath has created resources that engage and inspire students to be their best selves."

- Mark Linkins, Lead Consultant for Educational Practices for the VIA Institute on Character, USA-Founder

"The program produced by Fiona Trembath is a rich and original resource in the teaching and training around the Character Strengths methodology. The program will be of great assistance to teachers wishing to introduce Character Strengths into their classrooms/curriculum. From a trainer's point of view there is no better resource available in such a compact form."

- Bert Van Halen, Lecturer, School of Education, Victoria University, Australia

"I would highly recommend the inclusion of this strengths program in primary schools as our journey has been most rewarding for students, parents and teachers. Not only has it had a direct impact on their writing, vocabulary, reading and social skills, most importantly it has enabled individuals to grow with curiosity and engagment. Our journey has just begun!

- Robyn Watson-Turner, Principal, Arthurs Creek Primary School, Victoria, Australia


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Who is this course for?
We created this course with teachers in mind; specifically Elementary and Primary School teachers. The content, the science behind character strengths, is applicable to anyone and for everyone. You will be able to use what you have learned to benefit your life, your students, your family and your community.
Does it matter if I haven’t yet qualified as a teacher?
Not one bit! In fact, it makes us jump for joy at the idea that a new teacher would be equipped with this before entering the classroom!
Is what I learn going to be applicable to more than just my classroom?
Absolutely. In fact, if it isn't, then we've missed the mark. Learning about character strengths should help you create a happier classroom, and if you use it at home, it will help you create a happier life!
What level of difficulty is this course?
Entry level. We've created this introductory course for people who are brand new to the topic of strengths, positive education and positive psychology.
Is it mobile and tablet friendly?
Absolutely. We know how important it is to make learning accessible. We wouldn't have it any other way!
How long does it go for in total?
The instructional video content will take just over an hour. The time you take to do the quizzes, read the additional resources, and do the activities depends largely on you. We recommend taking this course in bite sized chunks. We intentionally created the lessons in this way to help you learn as efficiently as possible.
When does it start? When does it end?
You can take this course at your own pace. It starts and ends when you're ready for it to start and end. We're pretty easygoing in that way.
How quickly can I do it?
We suggest taking your time and really implementing what you're learning as you go. You could rush through the course in 2 hours, however in order to achieve the amazing list of benefits, you will need to take time and put in effort to implement what you've learned.
Do I get a certificate of completion so I can claim my PD points?
A certificate will be emailed to you after completion of the course.

Get started now!